Unlocked Cell Phones

Unlocked Cell Phones are the Phones that could be used on any GSM network or could say recognize SIM cards from any carrier, unlike Locked or SIM Lock Phones which are bound to specific countries and network service providers.

Unlocked Cell Phone users travelling abroad could easily get a Prepaid GSM SIM Card from the local carriers and take the advantage of local call rates rather than paying the roaming charges.

In most of the countries like UK, United States (USA) the mobile carriers offer their customers a huge discount on latest Cell Phones in exchange for a 12 Months or 24 Months Contract Plans. These Phones are usually locked and do not work with other carriers, but after a certain period of time users could request their carrier to unlock their phones.

But unlocking does not always work and there is not any guarantee that after the Phone gets unlocked it will work properly on other Networks.

So, if you're planning to travel abroad & willing to purchase a GSM unlocked phone which allows you to insert any SIM card and enables you to make local & international phone calls at Local rates and helps you save several hundred dollars.

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How to Unlock a Cell Phone?
  1. Contact customer care of the Mobile Network from where you have purchased the phone. They will provide you the Unlock Code either for Free or for a small Fee.
  2. You could also search for the various Mobile Unlocking Services available online. They will provide you the Mobile Unlock Code for a small Fee. You could also find some mobile unlocking video tutorials available for free.
  3. There are several independent Mobile Phone Shops, which offer the On-Site Mobile Unlocking Services as well.