No Contract Cell Phones

No Contract Cell Phones are also commonly known as Pay As You Go (Pay G), Pay As You Talk, Pay and Go, or Prepaid Cell Phones for which credit is purchased in advance of the service use.

If you do not have any credit left to your prepaid account, then the Mobile Phone Networks could block the access to all your requested services.

One of the major benefits of having a No Contract Cell Phone is, that users could easily Top up their account at any time when required through various payment options available.

Unlike Contract Mobile Phones or Post Paid Mobile Phones, No Contract Mobile Phone users are not bound to any long term monthly billing arrangements with the Mobile Network Operators or Carriage Service Providers (CSP).

Also, with No Contract Mobile Phones, there is not any compulsion on the users to top up their balance every month.

Sometimes, No Contract Mobile Phone users may pay more for their calls and message services and may not be able to roam and have limited access to make international calls.

Freedom to change the Service Providers and Cell Phone Plans without any early termination fee are some of the major advantages of having a No Contract Cell Phone.

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