4G Cellular Wireless Technology

4G: The latest technology of the today world + The new technology of Cellular Wireless Service

Fourth generation of cellular wireless gadgets, successor to 3G and 2G standards.

Goals and Features of 4G cellular wireless technology
  1. Higher data rate.
  2. Higher download rate.
  3. A spectral efficient system.
  4. Provide more simultaneous users per network.
  5. A nominal data rate of 100 Mbits while the client functioning and 1 Gbit/s while client and station are in static.
  6. A data rate of at least 100 Mbits between any two points in the world.
  7. Smooth handoff across heterogeneous networks.
  8. Seamless connectivity and global roaming across multiple networks.
  9. High quality of service for next generation multimedia support (real time audio, high speed data, HDTV video content, mobile TV, etc).
  10. Interoperability with existing wireless standards, and
  11. An all IP, packet switched network.
Technologies required for 4G include:
  • Flash-OFDM
  • The 802.16e mobile version of Wi-Max

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