International Cell Phone Rentals & Data Roaming

International Cell Phone Rentals

Make this world a small place with the following:
  • Contact an International Cell phone rental company
  • Get an International Cell Phone on Rent, which work across 150+ countries
  • Get Customized Rental Plans
  • International SIM Cards with Low incoming / outgoing rates and easy accessibility.
  • Local SIM Cards for making local calls in the country you are travelling.
  • 24 Hrs Customer Support with easy return Policy
So, if you love to travel keeping your friends and relative in touch on the move, but worried about the huge cell phone bills.

Find out the most reputed International Cell Phone Rental Companies that could provide you the opportunity to buy US SIM Cards, UK SIM Cards etc…etc. while sitting at home.

Data Roaming Charges

Downloading couple of emails and checking Google Map may incur high data charges while you travel internationally.

What are the biggest Data Hogs? Smartphones and i Phones? (emails are automatically checked on regular intervals + hidden applications running in the background), and More you rely on these hogs to keep yourself connected, more you pay.

Major Wireless Networks in USA have also stopped selling “Unlimited Data Plans”, and now offering the “Metered” Plans only. More data you eat, more you pay…..

It really sounds cheap, that cell phone carrier is charging 2 cents per kilobits of data usage on international roaming. (1 kilobits = 1024 bits, 1 megabits = 1024 kilobits)

Now you have to decide, whether it is really cheap?
  • Size of a text-only email: 20 kilobits
  • A modest webpage size, that you access from your mobile device could be around 180 kilobits
  • 1 minute of video data streaming consumes around 3 megabits
How to avoid paying high Data Roaming Charges while traveling abroad?
  • Know what you eat? And how much it costs you?
  • Shutdown your automatic email check from your smartphones
  • Rely on Wi-Fi Networks, rather than relying on Mobile Networks: Set your cell phone to default to Wi-Fi connection through consulting your carrier.

Data Roaming Fees for 1Mb of data Sent/ Received from Cellular roaming zone (in $US)

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